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EQM provides expertise in Environmental Compliance, Remediation & Construction Services

Environmental Quality Management, Inc. (EQM) is a leading environmental consulting, remediation, and construction company providing expertise in engineering and environmental compliance, environmental remediation, and construction services to the industrial, public, and government sectors. The environmental consultants in our Engineering & Compliance Group provide our clients with a robust approach to guide them in all aspects of air quality permitting, compliance outsourcing, water quality management, waste management, chemical reporting, industrial hygiene, stack testing, and other EHS services. Our Remediation & Construction and Emergency Response Group executes environmental remediation and construction projects for federal and commercial clients including projects with complex scopes of work and challenging contaminated waste streams.

Wetlands Delineation & Permitting: What You Need to Know

Wetlands are a significant natural resource, providing important habitat to many plant and animal species. It is critical that we protect our natural resources and preserve them for species such as migratory waterfowl that require significant wetland areas to live and reproduce, and as waypoints during their spring and fall migrations. The U.S. Army Corps…

GOVERNMENT and INDUSTRY Expertise from One Experienced Provider

At EQM our approach is to be Your Partners for Success.  We do this by first listening to your specific needs then crafting a solution to meet your objectives as cost effectively as possible.

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