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Emission Measurement

Emission Measurement

Federal and state regulations require industrial emission sources to obtain air permits and install emission control equipment sufficient to meet or maintain regional air quality standards, equipment performance standards, and/or categorical industry emission limits. Emission testing – or stack testing – is recognized as the most accurate method for determining air emissions and determining source compliance with the regulatory requirements.

EQM’s Emission Measurement Division has been conducting air emission and stack testing for 30 years at virtually all types of industrial sources. Our experienced team is well-versed in all EPA test methodologies and with permit and compliance issues – EQM can apply these techniques for any industry under nearly all temperature, pressure, pollutant concentration, and gas flow conditions. Our mobile stack testing laboratories and in-house services for gravimetric and wet chemistry (titration) analyses, liquid/gas VOC response factor development, and equipment calibration result in turn-key emission measurement services.

Capabilities & Qualifications

Obtain Data for New or Modified Air Permits
Demonstrate Compliance with Emission Limits in Existing Permits
Determine/Verify Performance of Air Pollution Control Equipment
Troubleshoot Process and/or Control Equipment Changes
Develop Emission Factors for Specific Processes
Greenhouse Gas Measurement
Qualified Source Test Individuals (QSTI) on staff
Accredited Air Emission Testing Body (AETB)
Experienced with USEPA’s Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT)
Aerial Lift Trained & Certified

Emission Measurement Services

Point Source Emission Testing
Fugitive Emission Measurements
Confidential R&D & Engineering Emissions Characterization
Manual Method Emission Testing
Instrument & Continuous Emission Monitoring Compliance Testing
Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Emission Measurement
Particle Size Determination & Identification
Test Protocol Development
Method Development & Evaluation
Regulatory Agency Liaison
Data Collection – Predictive & Parametric Emissions Monitoring Programs
On-site Analysis & Draft Data Summary

Specialized Measurement Applications

High Temp (>1000° F) & High Moisture Content
Hazardous (high pressure, high concentration of toxic gases, etc.)
Pollutant Stratification
Organic Speciation & Analyzer Response Factors
Extremely Large or Small ducts
Cyclonic Flow Evaluations
High Ammonia / Carbon Monoxide Concentrations
Multi-Site Simultaneous Testing Programs
VOC Capture/Building Temporary Total Enclosures
Permanent Total Enclosure Evaluation
Process & Control Equipment Optimization

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