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Sediment Remediation & Ecosystem Restoration – Allied Paper/Portage Creek

Client GoodLayers
Location Paris
Scope Of Work Building, Construction
Schedule 2012-2013
Architect John Doe

Project Detail

In partnership with the USEPA, USACE, and Great Lakes National Program Office, EQM has been performing sediment remediation and ecosystem restoration projects for the last 30 years. These complex projects include the removal of contaminated sediments from sensitive urban areas as well as pristine remote locations. Services include:

Hydraulic & Mechanical Dredging

Sediment Excavation & Removal

Stream/River Diversion – Cofferdams & Bypass Systems

Capping & In Situ Treatment Technologies

Sediment Stabilization & Solidification

Water Management & Treatment

Design & Operation of Wastewater Treatment Systems

Passive & Mechanical Dewatering

Sampling & Waste Characterization

Regulatory & Stakeholder Interaction

Wetlands Construction & Installation of Native Species

Shoreline/Stream Channel Stabilization & Restoration

Natural Habitat Construction for Fish & Other Wildlife

Spoils Management (CDF/ADF)

In Michigan, the Allied Paper/Portage Creek superfund site had soil contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) across papermill properties, riverbanks, and floodplains. During EQM’s involvement with this project in coordination with the USEPA, activities included:

Excavation, dewatering, and transportation and disposal of 24,000 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated soil.

Backfill and capping excavations.

Placement of river rock along creek banks to enhance fish habitat, restored creek bottom, and used coir logs to reestablish vegetation.

Removal of invasive vegetative species and installed native aquatic and upland species of grasses, bushes, and trees.

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