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PFAS Emission Measurement Program Development

Client PT Energy
Location PT's Factories
Scope Of Work Installation
Schedule 2009-2010
Architect Christian Wayne

Project Detail

EQM is currently involved in the development and implementation of a comprehensive Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) emission measurement program from the thermal treatment of activated carbon. PFAS compounds are collected in the treatment of waters and are regenerated thermally. During the thermal reactivation, PFAS compounds are removed from the carbon. The focus of the emission measurement program is to determine if the PFAS are released to the atmosphere.

The challenge in determining the emission profile is to utilize the appropriate sampling methods that were not originally developed for PFAS. Testing protocols and procedures for PFAS being released into the atmosphere is a new venture, making this research project incredibly innovative and may even set the stage for future regulations.

Additional challenges will be present to analyze the samples and scanning for targets that do not have known library spectra.

EQM has been partnering with another consulting firm to determine the best approach and how to best utilize EQM’s testing equipment and emissions measurement experts. Through meticulous research and development, EQM and our partner are developing PFAS emission testing protocols from the ground up.

EQM has developed a comprehensive set of emission measurement techniques and methodologies that will capture the target compounds as well as PFAS artifact compounds for analysis.

At the completion of this project, it is expected that new protocols for PFAS emission testing will be available and findings presented to regulatory agencies for future standardization. (Note: this project is ongoing and final results are not yet available.)

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