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Emergency & Rapid Response

Emergency & Rapid Response

EQM has a 30-year history of planning, managing, and executing emergency and rapid response contracts for the USEPA and US Army Corps of Engineers. Our experience includes projects for USEPA regions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Contamination at these sites includes hazardous household waste and asbestos at catastrophic wildfires, PCB sediments from rivers/streams, heavy metals and radiological contamination at rural former mines, and complicated waste streams at industrial facilities, and hazardous wastes as a result of natural disasters.


Hazardous Environmental Response
Infrastructure Restoration
Debris Recovery & Management
Temporary Housing
Flood Recovery
Natural & Man-Made Disasters
Landslide & Marine Response
Containment & Countermeasures

Federal Regulatory Requirement Expertise

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, & Liability Act (Superfund)
Resource Conservation & Recovery Act
Clean Air Act
Clean Water Act
Oil Pollution Act
Stafford Act
Toxic Substances Control Act

Emergency & Rapid Response Experience

Wildfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons, & Floods
Catastrophic Events
Hard Rock & Uranium Mine Reclamation
Remediation at Industrial Facilities
Residential Property Remediation
Contaminated Soil Removal & Restoration
River/Stream Sediment Removal
Transportation & Disposal of Multiple Waste Streams
Decontamination & Demolition
Marine Responses

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