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Residential Remediation – Jacobsville Superfund Site

Client Cons Of China
Location Shanghai
Scope Of Work Construction, Building
Schedule 2010-2014
Architect Paul Johnson

Project Detail

EQM provides residential remediation as one of our core services, and we have completed some of the largest and most complex residential projects in the US. Working closely with the USEPA and USACE, we have developed a solid reputation as one of the agencies’ most trusted partners, with over 3,500 homes remediated to date. Services include:

Access Agreements with Homeowners

Pre-During-Post Cleanup Surveying & CADD

Pre-Post Soil Confirmation Sampling

Property-Specific Design Plans

Property Restoration

Removal Action Completion Reports

Stormwater Management

Surgical & Confined Excavation

Transportation & Disposal

The Jacobsville Superfund site is located in Evansville, Indiana. EQM has been working with the USEPA at this site for several years, and work continues today. Dating back to the 1880s, the Jacobsville site was formerly occupied by manufacturing facilities that left the soil contaminated with lead and arsenic – a serious threat to human health for the residents whose homes were subsequently built on the land. To date, EQM has provided services including:

Removal of contaminated soil from over 1200 residential properties.

Excavated and transported nearly 60,000 cubic yards of soil for disposal as a RCRA non-hazardous waste at a local landfill.

Restored each property by placing backfill material, compacting, and topsoil.

Installed native plants, sod, and other landscape features.

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