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Multi-media Environmental Auditing

Multi-media Environmental Auditing

EQM’s Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Auditing & Compliance division provides auditing services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and government facilities – with onsite experience and professional training in order to evaluate and provide feasible solutions to an organization’s EHS compliance requirements.

We work with clients to develop site-specific and organization-wide programs to establish and maintain an internal culture of compliance, for environmental regulations or management systems. Auditing services include an overall evaluation of current compliance and conformance status, as well as potential liabilities and associated risks.

Audits typically include the areas below:


Permits/Air Regulations
Risk Management Program Rule (RMP)
Ozone Depleting Substance Program


NPDES Permitting / Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans
Wastewater Discharge Permitting


Hazardous Waste
Solid Waste
Universal Waste

Federal Reporting

SARA Reporting (Tier II & TRI)
TSCA Chemical Data Reporting
Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

Environmental Management Systems

EQM’s professionals can assist with integrating environmental management systems into a variety of facility functions.

Updates to New Standards
EHS Impacts on Operations
Compliance Calendars
EMS Objectives, Targets, and Programs Development
Corrective Action Tracking
Pre-Audit Assessments (On- and Off-Site)
EMS Awareness Training
Compliance Risks Identification
EMS Manual, Policy, and Procedure Generation

Hazard & Safety Evaluation or Auditing

On the Health and Safety side, EQM provides auditing and program evaluation assistance to facilities in a variety of areas.

Chemical Hygiene Plans
Chemical Process Safety Management (PSM)
GHS Compliance
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring and Programs
Hazardous Communication Training
Job Safety Analysis
OSHA Chemical-Specific Safety Planning
Workplace Safety

After an audit is complete and findings are identified, technical experts in each field are available to assist with follow-up tasks to ensure compliance. The EQM team can also assist with recommending viable and cost-effective solutions to areas of noncompliance or needs for best management practices.

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