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Air Permitting & Compliance

Air Permitting & Compliance

EQM has been at the forefront of air quality planning, design, engineering, permitting, modeling, testing, air pollution control and capture issues for 30 years. Our air permitting staff is experienced in identifying and evaluating potential air emission sources and assessing air permit and regulatory applicability to individual emission units, facilities, and projects.

Air Permitting

Title V Operating Permits & CAM Plans
Minor & Synthetic Minor New Source Review Permits
PSD & Non-attainment Permits
Construction Permitting
Permitting Exemption Evaluation
Netting & Permitting Strategy Development & Regulatory Assistance
Agency Negotiation for Complex Permitting

Database Development & Management

Emission Inventory Development
Emission Fee Reports
Permit Compliance Database Development
CAM Support
Permit Prescribed Recordkeeping & Reporting

Greenhouse Gas Management & Compliance

GHG Monitoring Plans
Calculation of GHG Emissions for Permits & Annual Reporting
Preparation of Title V & PSD/BACT Permit Applications
Electronic Submission of Annual GHG Emission Reports to EPA

Compliance Assistance & Recordkeeping

Compliance Audits & Calendars
NESHAP/NSPS Compliance Reporting
Federal & State Rule Applicability Determinations
Emission Control Technologies
Response to EPA § 114 Information Requests
NOV Response & Assistance

Risk Management Plans

Generation of Program & Plans
RMP Audits
RMP Submittal & Resubmittal

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