EQM brings more than 27 years of experience in assisting industrial and manufacturing clients with engineering evaluation and design and environmental consulting services.

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Ohio Environmental Consulting Services

EQM brings more than 27 years of experience in assisting industrial and manufacturing clients with engineering evaluation and design and environmental consulting services.

Meeting the challenges

The challenge of industry today is keeping up with changing regulations while maintaining processes and procedures that not only protect human health and the environment but also provide a return on investment whenever possible.

Regulation and Process Expertise

Our understanding of both regulations and industry processes and drivers provides us with the experience required to help our clients both remain in compliance and strive to take their operational requirements to a level that offers something to the bottom line.

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For more than 27 years, EQM has provided full-service environmental consulting expertise in air and water permitting & regulatory compliance; sampling and monitoring; health & safety; waste characterization & management; environmental engineering & design; hazardous waste & groundwater remediation; site evaluation & construction; and emergency response.

We provide expertise on projects that require a strong regulatory understanding of CAA, EPCRA, CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, CWA, and OPA as applied to site-specific issues and requirements.

We are well-versed in compliance regulations and have a clear understanding of applicable State and local regulatory requirements.

Industry Services

EQM offers expertise in the following service areas:

Air Quality

EQM has extensive air quality management experience. Beginning with baseline air emission surveys to establish emission potentials, we help companies determine regulatory requirements and assist them with managing compliance.

Our outstanding source emissions testing team is recognized as a leader in the industry. They provide regular air compliance reporting and regulatory evaluation assistance to multiple clients on an ongoing basis.

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Compliance Outsourcing

EQM has in-depth experience providing multimedia compliance and outsourcing to companies across the U.S. By placing temporary personnel at your facility, we help you complete environmental tasks without increasing headcount or impacting your bottom line.

Water Quality Management

The water management group provides a creative and practical approach to stormwater and wastewater compliance needs. Our time-tested, effective solutions have been successful implemented across industries and ensure our clients meet or exceed the requirements of local, state, and federal regulations. EQM’s water quality management program includes EQM’s storage tank inspection and testing services and top-of-the-line, comprehensive water pollution prevention plan development.

Waste Management

Utilizing our knowledge and understanding of processes, operations, regulatory settings and standards, and leading-edge control technologies, EQM works closely with clients to develop innovative approaches to complex waste management issues. We assist with waste characterization and management plan development, waste reporting, and RCRA permit application preparation and ongoing compliance.

Remediation & Construction

EQM’s professionals support our clients with specialized remediation and construction services, including environmental site assessments, UST removals, remedial actions, land reutilization and redevelopment projects involving all media (air, soil, wastewater, and groundwater). After years of working with clients solving complex problems, our staff has developed unique and sustainable solutions which continually exceed expectations.

Chemical Reporting

Our chemical engineers and environmental scientists are experts in detailed analysis of the impacts of chemical processes, identifying environmental hazards, and estimating releases for reporting and compliance purposes. We have decades of expertise in EPCRA (SARA), TSCA and DHS compliance; environmental and safety risk management planning, and ozone-depleting substance (ODS) management.

Industrial Hygiene & Safety

EQM offers strong and effective solutions to the complex challenges of protecting worker health and safety. Our approach protects fiscal and legal liability by reducing worker compensation and insurance premium costs and reducing potential litigation.

Environmental, Health, & Safety Program Management

The EHS professionals at EQM have extensive experience in assisting our commercial, industrial, institutional, and government clients with developing and maintaining a culture of consciousness related to EH&S compliance. Through multimedia on-site audits and evaluations and on-going environmental program support, our professionals play a key role in developing site-specific and organization-wide systems and compliance tools for the facilities we serve.


The challenge of industry today is keeping up with changing regulations and maintaining processes and procedures that protect the environment and human health. Understanding of both regulations and industry processes positions us to help our clients remain in compliance with minimum impact to their bottom line.

EQM has provided engineering, construction management and environmental consulting services for projects totaling more than $100 million in total installed cost. This fusion of consultation, ideation and execution means we can solve complex problems delivering efficiently and for the best value.

Our professional scientists and engineers have comprehensive expertise and are widely recognized for as leaders in their fields. Throughout EQM’s history we have taken on a diverse mix of projects and clients. With this experience, we developed time-tested, effective solutions that regularly exceed our client’s expectations.

Industrial Markets Served

Primary industrial markets served by EQM:


Our tested and proven experience in the automotive industry has made us an essential and integral partner for some of the nation's largest automotive manufacturers and suppliers. EQM’s engineers and environmental scientists offer clients the comprehensive tools necessary evaluate operational systems and reduce economic liability and waste.

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Food and Beverage

Since our inception, we have been providing a full range of environmental consulting and process engineering services to the food, flavorings, and beverage/spirits industry at facilities throughout the US, Canada, and the US Virgin Islands. Our breadth of experience and well-respected track record enables us to deliver solid solutions to big and small clients.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Our team has years of experience with industrial and manufacturing clients performing engineering evaluations and design, and assisting with environmental consulting services. EQM’s experience and knowledge of industrial processes and drivers gives us the experience to ensure our clients remain compliant while leaving their bottom line intact.

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Our staff’s paper industry experience spans over 30 years and 60 mills across the US. Our work has also covered a wide range of paper processes including Kraft, cold soda, neutral sulfite, semi-chemical, and sulfite practice (Ca, Na, NH3, and Mg bases). The work at many of these mills included detailed onsite air pollution and multimedia inspections and evaluations, as well as evaluations of specific control system performance and operation and maintenance practices.

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Pharmaceutical Markets

As an established firm with diverse resources, we are able to meet our pharmaceutical clients’ needs at both the corporate and facility level, offering the level of consistency and expertise required to maintain a high level of compliance for our clients.

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EQM offers the utility/power industry a wide range of environmental and engineering capabilities to meet virtually any and all regulatory needs. Our professional staff has been recognized by the Engineering News Record as one of the Top 20 providers of air quality services in the United States. Our compliance and engineering expertise have made us sought after to provide solutions for some of the biggest power utility providers in the US. EQM has the skills, experience, resources, and process knowledge to insightfully and efficiently meet the needs unique to the power industry.

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Our company has been providing environmental compliance, engineering, and permitting services to the steel industry since 1990 and many of our employees have been consulting to these industries for over 30 years. Our professionals have developed a unique expertise and perspective with respect to environmental and engineering issues unique to the steel industry through educational training and hands-on operations experience gained through the support of virtually every steel and cement process currently in operation.

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AST Integrity Testing

EQM’s aboveground storage tank (AST) testing services were initially established in support of U.S. EPA’s SPCC regulations in 40CFR112.8(c)(6). The inspections typically consist of a thorough external visual examination and shell thickness testing using an ultrasonic meter. EQM also inspects concrete foundations, supports, flange piping, threaded joints, welded-end connections, and normal and emergency vents. Following the inspection, EQM presents a verbal report of findings and subsequently prepares and submits a Certified Tank Inspection Report.

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