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Stormwater Permitting

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting is required for a facility to discharge pollutants into a receiving stream with permit coverage through individual or general permits. EQM water team members assist facilities with applicability determinations by reviewing potential stormwater contamination sources. We gather all data needed to prepare required notification and application forms to ensure that the facility has the proper NPDES permit coverage for their operations.

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Stormwater Monitoring

EQM’s water team has extensive experience and expertise providing storm water sampling services to clients. We provide reliability and quick response in collecting stormwater samples that are in compliance with NPDES Individual and Multi-Sector General Permits. Our state-of-the-art stormwater monitoring equipment and storm tracking methods allow us to perform this work accurately and effectively, minimizing false alarms. Our team consists of multiple TWIC personnel, personnel trained in low level mercury “clean hands, dirty hands” sampling technique, and experts who have completed more than 100 stormwater monitoring projects.

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Oil Spill Prevention Plans

Oil spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plans are required for facilities storing oils above certain thresholds. EQM water team members are highly experienced in development and preparation of required SPCC Plans and in providing employee SPCC training. We have prepared plans for a wide range of facilities including commercial, industrial and institutional with a varying range of complexity. EQM has professional engineers (PEs) registered in multiple states to provide PE review and certification of plans.

Facility Response Plans

EQM water team members assist clients to determine applicability of and compliance with Facility Response Plan (FRP) requirements. Owners and operators of "substantial harm" facilities are required to prepare a FRP for a worst-case discharge of oil and to address the substantial threat of such a discharge. EQM water team members assist clients with the FRP plan threshold evaluation and plan development to ensure the required program elements are assembled into an FRP that will satisfy the enforcing agency. We assist, as needed, to prepare the elements of the FRP including drainage, storage location, and facility evacuation maps; spill cleanup, reporting and response documents; hazard evaluation and response planning level worst-case discharge scenarios; self-inspection drills and exercises; and vulnerability analyses.

Tank Integrity Testing

EQM provides aboveground storage tank (AST) inspection services in support of U.S. EPA’s SPCC regulations in 40CFR112.8(c)(6). Tank inspections are performed in accordance with Steel Tank Institute’s (STI) SP001 standard for the inspection of shop-built and field-erected ASTs containing up to 75,000 gallons of fuel. EQM evaluates the needs of each client and prescribes the most appropriate inspection standard for carbon steel aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).

The inspections consist of a thorough external visual inspection and shell thickness testing using an ultrasonic meter and include inspection of the tank auxiliary structures (e.g. concrete foundations, supports, flange piping, threaded joints, welded-end connections, and normal and emergency vents). Recommendations are made for corrective actions and a certified tank inspection report is provided.

Groundwater Protection Plans

EQM water team assists clients with Groundwater Protection Plan development. GWPPs are required by many states to protect groundwater and prevent contamination. The plans include procedures, policies, and best management practices used at the facility to prevent groundwater pollution.

Wastewater Permit Applications

Permits to install or modify wastewater collection, storage or treatment systems are required by states and municipalities. Facilities that generate wastewater streams for which they plan to treat the water prior to discharge into the sewer or receiving stream must provide detailed information on the planned system and characteristics of the discharge in order to obtain a permit. EQM water team members assist facilities with the permit application process, guiding them through the detailed submittal requirements, and assembling the permit application and accompanying information for submittal and approval.

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