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Overview of Paper Industry Environmental Consulting Services

EQM’s staff has considerable experience working with the pulp and paper industry. Our staff’s experience spans over 30 years and has involved approximately 60 mills throughout the US covering Kraft, cold soda, neutral sulfite, semi-chemical, and sulfite practice (Ca, Na, NH3, and Mg bases). The work at many of these mills included detailed onsite air pollution and multi-media inspections and evaluations, as well as evaluations of specific control system performance and operation and maintenance practices.

Our staff has also prepared detailed guidelines and inspection manuals for the evaluation of Kraft pulp mill processes and associated air pollution control systems. The manuals include discussions of process steps, expected operating conditions, typical failure mechanisms and malfunctions, and operation of abatement equipment. Processes addressed in these manuals include: furnish receiving, storage, and handling; woodroom; digestion; washers; evaporators; chemical recovery units; and causticizing, bleaching, and utility systems. Checklists are provided for each process to assist in the documentation of process control equipment operation.

EQM offers expertise in the following service areas:

  • Wastewater/Stormwater Sampling
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • EPCRA Assistance
  • Air Emissions Reporting
  • NPDES Permit Renewal for Landfill
  • SPCC, SWP3
  • Stormwater Toxicity Evaluation
  • RCRA Contingency Plan
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Emission Testing

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Representative Paper Market Projects

Co-Gen Permitting at Paper Mill

The mill produces and sells electricity from a new $30 million co-generation facility. The co-gen facility is located at the original paper mill which was constructed in 1893. The mill produces high-end paper.

The plant previously generated steam from two coal-fired boilers to operate three paper machines and produced enough electricity to operate the facility. Now, the plant is turning more steam into electricity – enough to generate about 20 megawatts. The plant uses what it needs and sells excess power back to utilities. The boilers have been converted to run on biomass fuel, a renewable resource consisting of yard waste, industrial wood, and fiber waste, in addition to coal.

EQM was retained to prepare applications for air and wastewater permits-to-install. The air permitting efforts included an evaluation of the project for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Non-Attainment New Source Review and modeling of the potential impacts. EQM prepared an air permit-to-install application to allow the boilers to utilize alternative fuels in the two boilers.

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