Stack Testing & Air Quality Testing

— also known as source testing or stack sampling — is recognized as the most accurate method for determining air emissions and establishing source compliance.

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Air Emission Testing Services & Air Permitting

EQM’s Emission Measurement Division has been conducting air emission testing for over 25 years at virtually all types of industrial sources. Team members are well versed in all EPA test methodologies and are familiar with permit and compliance issues and are highly experienced in all recognized EPA test methods for industrial categories under nearly all temperature, pressure, pollutant concentration, and gas flow conditions. 

Continuous Emission Monitoring system

We have a comprehensive inventory of continuous emission monitoring equipment, as well as a huge inventory of manual method equipment.  

Mobile Emission Measurement

EQM also provides a mobile emission measurement laboratory and in house lab services for gravimetric and wet chemistry (titration) analyses, liquid/gas VOC response factor development, and equipment calibration.

EQM Stack Testing & Air Quality Services

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Air Permit Experts

EQM’s air permitting staff is experienced in identifying and evaluating potential air emission sources and assessing air permit and regulatory applicability to individual emission units, facilities, and projects. Our air compliance team members have been involved in air permitting projects for more than 25 years for facilities in multiple states and are experts in air regulatory applicability evaluation, emission estimation, and permitting. 

Title V Permit and Compliance

We assist from permit beginning to end: from emission unit identification to permit negotiation. Our permit work ranges from permit exemption evaluation and documentation (e.g., de minimis) to Federal New Source Review construction and modification permit and Title V Operating permit applications.

NESHAP and MACT Compliance

EQM air experts provide as-needed assistance with regulatory interpretation, permit applicability, and compliance/reporting questions that may arise. For our clients we perform applicability determinations for Federal regulations (e.g., NESHAPs, MACT, NSPS) and prepare and help execute compliance plans, assist with required notifications and reporting, and where needed perform required emissions testing. In addition, more specific plans may be developed such as fuel sampling and analysis plans, Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction (SSM) plans, and compliance assurance monitoring (CAM) plans.

Permit Record Keeping & Reporting

EQM assists clients with ongoing air compliance tasks and air regulatory evaluation. Our team members develop custom permit recordkeeping systems and compliance calendars for our clients, prepare air permit compliance manuals for use by personnel with air compliance responsibilities, and prepare required written QA/QC Plans for COMS/CEMS. We also provide permit support preparing annual emission fee reports, quarterly deviation/summary reports, and Title V annual compliance certifications.

LDAR Support

  • Site specific electronic database
  • Identify & Tag components
  • Field Screen components as outlined in EPA Method 21
  • Drafting overlays for reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual Sampling

Refrigerants & ODS Management Plans

EQM air team members provide assistance with regulatory compliance under 40 CFR 82 - Protection of Stratospheric Ozone. Facilities utilizing regulated ozone depleting substances (ODS) in air conditioning and refrigeration systems must follow guidelines for maintenance and repair. These include requirements for leak repair, technician certification, recycling equipment registration, and extensive recordkeeping. EQM assists with development of a written Site Refrigerant Management Plans to ensure our clients meet the requirements of the regulation and maintain required records.

Greenhouse Gas Management

Per the requirements of 40 CFR Part 98 - Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting, subject facilities must have a formal GHG Monitoring Plan and report GHG emissions annually to US EPA. EQM air team members assist with GHG regulatory applicability, GHG inventory assembly and data tracking, preparation of required written GHG Management plans, and calculation and electronic reporting of GHG emissions via CDX.

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