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Overview of Environmental Remediation Services from EQM

EQM's environmental remediation experience includes the successful execution of 1500+ projects under Federal contracts with a total value of $1.3 billion. EQM’s Remediation and Construction group has been providing site assessment and remediation to private, public, and federal sites throughout the U.S. for over 20 years. EQM has served as prime contractor for the USEPA, USACE, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and private industry where we have been actively involved with site cleanups.

Our Remediation and Construction services include:

  • Agency Interface
  • Building Remediation and Demolition
  • Construction Management
  • Data Validation
  • Hazardous Waste Management/Disposal
  • Innovative Green Solutions
  • Long-term Monitoring and Long-term Operation
  • Multimedia Compliance Sampling
  • Operation & Maintenance and Optimization of Remedial Systems
  • Phase I/II Site Assessment
  • RCRA/CERCLA Compliance
  • Site Demolition/Decontamination
  • Site Remediation and Rapid Response
  • Soil and Groundwater Assessment
  • Sustainable Remedial Design and Construction
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks

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Site Restoration / Sediment Remediation

Our water diversion and treatment experience is demonstrated in five CERCLA task orders EQM performed as prime contractor that ranged in value from $2.9M to restore habitat in the St. Clair Shores AOC, MI to $74.0M in PCB, PAH, NAPL, and arsenic contaminated sediment and debris removal at four locations: Sheboygan Harbor/River site in WI, Buffalo River in NY, Lincoln Park/ Milwaukee River Channels in WI, and Menominee River in WI. EQM designed, constructed, operated, and maintained infrastructure for site access, entrances, and roads, solidification, wastewater treatment facilities, cofferdams, and silt curtains. Our team dredged, solidified sediment, managed off-site T&D, and performed site restoration. These TOs demonstrate source treatment and containment remedies, infrastructure construction, demolition, and restoration PWS elements.

Mine Tailings and Abandoned Mine Cleanup

EQM has extensive experience performing mine remediation projects in accordance with CERCLA/RCRA and other federal, state, and location regulations. We have performed challenging and complex mine reclamations for the USEPA and the USACE since 1992 in 47 different states. Our complex mine removal experience for USEPA extends over three decades and over 10 years for USACE. In fact, EQM has completed 108 mine removal actions in five different USEPA regions involving cleanup of both mine waste rock and tailings, and uranium mine waste. Projects ranged in size up to $45M, and quantities of mine waste and tailings remediated were up to 3.5M CY on a single project.

Repository Construction/Capping

EQM has the expertise to construct and manage repositories used for the placement of wastes. EQM can secure permits; prepare as-built drawings; serve as a liaison to government agencies; and resolve problems involving remediation and waste storage at repositories. EQM performs sampling and analysis to ensure the effectiveness of repositories. EQM performs topographic surveys for water well construction, potential repository locations, and potential borrow areas. EQM constructs temporary haul roads and water conveyance systems for dust control.

Cut and Fill – Waste Hauling

EQM has the capability to provide excavation and restoration services including backfilling and seeding restored areas. Typical backfill material includes rock, top soil, and clay fill. Ground surfaces often are graded smooth with no ponding to allow adequate drainage, and lawns are re-established using hydroseed.

Waste material is typically hauled to a permitted landfill. The banks of creeks and other waterways are often backfilled and the stream bank restored using natural and domestic habitat plants and grasses.

Demolition and Housing Support

EQM cleans up residential soil contaminated with lead and arsenic from ore processing, smelting operations, and other industrial processes. EQM performs soil excavation, transportation of spoil materials, and property restoration. Restoration work often includes backfilling, compaction, and placement of topsoil, sod, mulch, and decorative stone.

This work often involves cleanup operations in residential neighborhoods and necessitates communication with homeowners and stake holders while working to perform removal operations and complete site restoration. EQM coordinates access, restoration, and completion agreements with property owners and generates as-built drawings of properties for use in the restoration process. EQM maintains and updates databases to archive property conditions before and after excavation and restoration. EQM has received hundreds of completed satisfaction surveys, with an average rating of 9.27/10.

EQM defines the area of contamination and provides an approach to execute the cleanup of residential buildings, detached buildings, etc. Exterior decontamination includes roofs, siding, and residential grounds. Full decontamination of residential homes is sometimes required to allow residents to safely return home. EQM hires locally whenever possible to support ongoing cleanup efforts and to provide opportunities for growth within our company.

Road Construction and Site Restoration

On many projects, EQM constructs temporary haul roads, laydown and capping material staging areas, TSCA processing pads, HOPE liners, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) pads, and water conveyance systems for dust control as part of our site restoration activities. Site work sometimes involves construction of source treatment and containment, design and operation of an on-site wastewater treatment facility, and infrastructure construction.

EQM crews are experienced heavy equipment operators including excavators, work and debris barges, dredge plant, scows, sediment off-loading plants, tug boats, dredge barge/platforms, Crawler Cranes, clamshell buckets, material handlers, dump trucks, loader, and dozers.

Residential/Soil Remediation

Our experience in performing environmental remediation in close proximity to residential properties is unmatched in the industry. Since the late nineties, we have completed some of the largest residential cleanup projects in the US.  This includes soil contaminated with methyl parathion in Lorain, OH and Chicago, IL; lead contaminated soil in Missouri; PCB contaminated soil in Michigan; uranium contaminated soil in the Navajo Nation (AZ,NM, UT), cleanup of household hazardous wastes from floods, forest fires and Hurricanes, most notably Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and Gustav; and asbestos contaminated soil at North Ridge Estates.

Under our SulTRAC USEPA Region 5 RAC contract, EQM has remediated well over 1,200 properties at the Jacobsville Superfund site in Indiana and is in the process of remediating an additional 300 properties. EQM has experience completing some of the largest and most complex residential cleanup projects in the US including: the removal of DDT-impacted soils from 58 residential properties at the Velsicol area site in MI; cleanup of 503 lead- and arsenic-contaminated residential properties in El Paso County, TX; restoration of 250 pesticide-contaminated properties in Lorain County, OH; cleanup of 100 arsenic-contaminated residential properties in South Minneapolis, MN; and lead removal at 566 residential properties and 5 High-Impact Child Areas (HICA) at the Madison County Mines Superfund site in Missouri.  Also, through an SBA-approved 8(a) Joint Venture for the USACE Seattle District, EQM completed remediation of 114 residential properties contaminated with lead and arsenic.

Our work has included over 5000 personal residences, involving close-in support and accommodation of personal needs and desires of those residents.  In many cases, our work has involved working inside homes and handling personal property.  Our managers and crews have received many accolades for their ability to work under difficult circumstances while still maintaining both technical execution of the necessary actions and minimal disruption to the residents and general public.

Excavation/ Hand Digging

EQM sometimes performs hand digging when performing excavation services on residential and commercial properties involving removal of lead-, arsenic-, and heavy-metals-contaminated soils. EQM crews use mini-excavators and track-loaders to excavate impacted soil from residential properties. EQM performs the excavations in small lifts until the target cleanup level is achieved. All excavation operations are completed with the smallest heavy equipment available to maintain production. Hand-digging around foundations, decks, trees, or porch footers is performed as necessary to ensure structures are not damaged.

EQM performs a pre-excavation inventory of trees, shrubs, and plants for each residential lot targeted for removal, to assist with restorative planting.  EQM obtains waste characterization soil samples from properties with worst-case assessment results. Full TCLP and landfill parameter analyses are performed on all samples analyzed.

EQM excavates residential lots with mini-excavators and skid steer loaders, and a large tracked excavator on larger lots.  Hand digging is performed as needed around plantings that weren't removed and structures to prevent damage.  Dust control is performed by pre-wetting soils prior to removal and as needed afterwards.  Contaminated soil is taken to a staging area in dump trucks, and then material is loaded out for disposal.  Restoration consists of repairing any damages resulting from removal activities and replanting lots with like-and-kind shrubbery.  Sod is placed or hydro-seeding is performed to restore lawn surfaces. A post-excavation form is used to document acceptance of restoration activities by the homeowner and any Agency involved.

Groundwater and Dewatering Systems

EQM has the capability to provide construction oversight and technical assistance activities to dewater, remove, and solidify contaminated sediment from rivers. EQM has experience in dredging, remediating, and restoring parts of creeks, rivers, and other waterways.

Using sheet pile walls to isolate an area, EQM develops innovative designs and uses large pumps to capture water and discharge it downstream while keeping a river or waterway flowing.  EQM uses pumping/excavation operations to efficiently remediate contaminated sediment along a river and around an active wastewater treatment plant. 

EQM has installed and operated oil-water separator systems with solids separation capabilities to support field dewatering. EQM has also constructed dewatering pads to contain excavated soil, and installed HDPE liners and berms around pads.

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