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EQM’s Government Services group has been providing site assessment and remediation to private, public, and federal sites throughout the US since 1990. We have proven experience and capabilities to execute and manage remediation, environmental, and ecological contracts.

Government: Markets and Services

EQM’s Government Services group has been providing site assessments and remediation to private, public, and federal sites throughout the US since 1990. We have proven experience and capabilities to execute and manage remediation, environmental, and ecological contracts.

Expertise Makes the Difference

Our team of professionals has completed hundreds of site assessment, remedial action, reutilization and redevelopment projects nationwide that have included complex environmental issues requiring sustainable solutions involving air, soil, wastewater, and groundwater contamination.

We Work With the Best

EQM has been involved with 47 federal remediation prime contracts valued at $1.9B, providing remediation, investigation, construction, and operation and management (O&M) services for the USEPA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), and General Services Administration (GSA).

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Our Government Experience

Since 1990, EQM has been awarded over 50 Federal contracts totaling over $2.0 Billion: 7 worldwide, 10 national, 21 regional covering 29 states and 12 site specific as a prime contractor for environmental remediation contracts with the USEPA, USACE, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, National Guard, GSA and other federal agencies.

Our expertise includes Soil and Water Remediation, Rapid & Emergency Response, Site Demolition and Decontamination, Mine Waste & Repository Construction, Dredging and Sediment Removal, Residential/Neighborhood Cleanup, SRM - Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization base construction services and F2F – Fence to Fence Environmental Compliance.

Government Services

EQM offers expertise in the following service areas:

USEPA Emergency and Rapid Response Services (ERRS)

EQM has been an ERRS contractor since 1993 and we currently hold 4 ERRS contracts including one for Region 9. Accordingly, we have developed an excellent performance reputation for delivering effective rapid/emergency response actions; site investigations; remedial response actions; technical expertise; program and project management support; engineering and constructability reviews; green remediation and sustainable practices; innovative use of technologies and equipment; effective safety and compliance practices; cost control and cost minimization measures; and rigorous accounting and invoicing procedures.

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Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Conservation

As part of EQM’s overall environmental compliance expertise, we provide waste characterization and management; air permitting and support; storm- and waste-water permitting and compliance; and cultural resources management. EQM can successfully staff and provide equipment/material resources to complete multiple, concurrent, geographically dispersed Task Orders (TOs) at sites located across the U.S. and overseas.

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Site Restoration/ Sediment Remediation

EQM’s site restoration experience includes sediment remediation, waterways diversion and treatment, hydraulic and mechanical dredging, waste management, and wetlands planting. EQM has conducted 17 major site restoration projects over the past 15 years. Individual job size has ranged from $10M to $48M, with a total value of $180M for all projects.

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Environmental Remediation

EQM's environmental remediation experience includes the successful execution of 1500+ projects under Federal contracts with a total value of $1.3 billion. EQM’s Remediation and Construction group has been providing site assessment and remediation to private, public, and federal sites throughout the U.S. for over 20 years.

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Construction Management

EQM’s Remediation and Construction group has successfully supported government, industrial, and commercial clients for more than 20 years. Our staff is comprised of engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists, environmental scientists, hazardous waste managers, and safety professionals. We have completed hundreds of site assessment, remedial action, re-utilization, and redevelopment projects nationwide using sustainable solutions.

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EQM Market Expertise

The challenge of industry today is keeping up with changing regulations and maintaining processes and procedures that protect the environment and human health. Understanding of both regulations and industry processes positions us to help our clients remain in compliance with minimum impact to their bottom line.

EQM has provided engineering, construction management and environmental consulting services for projects totaling more than $100 million in total installed cost. This fusion of consultation, ideation and execution means we can solve complex problems delivering efficiently and for the best value.

Our professional scientists and engineers have comprehensive expertise and are widely recognized for as leaders in their fields. Throughout EQM’s history we have taken on a diverse mix of projects and clients. With this experience, we developed time-tested, effective solutions that regularly exceed our client’s expectations.

Government Markets Served

Primary government markets served by EQM:

US Air Force (USAF)

EQM’s USAF experience includes site investigations, engineering, application/transfer of innovative technologies, day-to-day compliance (e.g., on-site responsibility for achieving multi-media compliance in industrial facilities), long-term operation / long-term maintenance (LTO/LTM), demolition, asbestos and lead-based-paint (LBP) abatement, remediation (soils, groundwater, and surface water; stream/sediment; landfills; soil vapor extraction (SVE); pump and treat (P&T); slurry walls; etc.), and operation and maintenance (O&M) of remedial systems.

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US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

EQM has been issued over 25 Task Orders (TOs) under USACE’s Multiple Award Remediation Contract (MARC) for active, reserve, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and Formerly Used Defense (FUD) facilities. Typically, five or six concurrent TOs have been conducted. TOs issued include the following activities

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US Navy

EQM managed the remediation of lead soil at the Louisville Naval Ordnance Station, Louisville, Kentucky. EQM performed excavation, remediation, and restoration of 86 solid waste management units (SWMUs) and areas of concern (AOCs) contaminated by lead, heavy metals, PAHs, dioxins, and VOCs.

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US Environmental Protection Agency

EQM has completed over 1000 ERRS Task Orders under our ERRS/ERCS contracts as the prime contractor over the past 20 years. Listed below is a short summary of the work we are currently performing in the respective regions of the Country.

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EQM provides environmental assistance to a number of institutional facilities including colleges and universities, hospitals, research and development facilities, and prisons. Our professional staff has a wealth of experience in multimedia compliance issues, and is familiar with the unique environmental challenges faced by institutional facilities. We are available to provide assistance on an ongoing, as-needed basis serving as part of a client’s environmental staff, or for specific projects.

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